How To CRUSH Procrastination

If you would like to get more done and increase your productivity, then you will have to overcome procrastination. To overcome procrastination, you can learn 3 simple techniques. In this article I want to discuss the 5 minute rule, how to outline a step by step process and how to incorporate visualizations into your daily routine to give you more power over procrastination.

The 5 Minute Rule

Often procrastination begins when your brain is overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed leads to frustration and frustration leads to procrastination. The 5 minute rule is a simple trick that you can use to kick you into gear. Any task that you need to complete and you are having a hard time beginning set a timer for 5 minutes and commit to doing the task for the duration of it.

Agreeing to work for just 5 minutes takes the pressure off and makes it easier for you to begin. The hardest part of being productive and taking more action is getting started. The good thing about using this trick is you end up spending more than 5 minutes every time that you use it.

Taking action begins with getting started and it’s easier to get started when you have less pressure on you. Now that you know how to begin, you will learn how to create a step by step process to make your tasks more manageable.

Outline A Step By Step Process

Its easier to get to a destination if you know where you are going, but if you don’t it makes it harder for to get there. When you do not have your tasks organized it makes it harder to move forward. Being unorganized causes you to use more energy on a task than what is needed.

Creating a step by step process for any task that you have to complete, makes it more pleasurable to take action. Getting started is the hardest part and we’ve covered that, but now you have to break each task down into steps.

Let’s say that you want to join a gym and get fit, then this is a simple way to break this task down into steps:

  1. Find gym near you.
  2. Look for number in phone book.
  3. Call the gym.
  4. Visit the gym.
  5. Choose particular gym.
  6. Start

Using steps decreases the amount of frustration that you may feel when trying to get something completed. Frustration gives you bad emotions and it is harder for you to do something that makes you feel frustration. To link good emotions to the things that you have to get done you have to learn how to visualize yourself completing your goals and how good it feels.

Visualize Yourself Taking Action

Another great way that to motivate yourself to take action is to visualize completing your task. Before you sit down to do a task, visualize yourself doing it to its completion. Embrace the feeling of accomplishment when you finish the task successfully.

Associating good emotions with getting the task completed makes it more enjoyable to get things done. Using the gym example from above, visualize yourself taking each step successfully. The more your continue to do the easier it will be for you to get things done.


The techniques that I have outlined in this article will help you to crush procrastination whenever you need to. Its easy to put things off until you feel like doing it. Beating procrastination is the first step to experiencing your full potential.

Using the 5 minute rule, breaking each task down into steps and visualizing yourself taking action, will boost your productivity almost instantly. Procrastination is the result of feeling overwhelmed, by taking the pressure off you will move in the right direction and take more action.