How To Become A Content Creation Machine

The ability to consistently create content is a special ability.

Most writers would love to write more, but struggle with process.

You probably know the feeling. You have a blog post you need to write, but it just isn’t happening.

Luckily I’ve never had a hard time with writing. The first reason is because I love it.

Something that I’ve noticed is when I try to be perfect I lock my creative flow. The more relaxed I am when I’m writing the easier it is to be creative.

Imagine being able to write on command. Imagine creating content like a machine. As a freelance writer this means more money for you. If this something that you want then let me show you how I do it.

Never Start With a Blank Page

The hardest way to write is without an outline, especially if you are just starting out. Sitting in your chair with an idea and a blinking cursor can cause your mind to blank out. There are writers who can begin with just an idea, but most of them have been writing for years.

To begin writing you need the basics. The basics for writing is starting with an outline. Before you begin writing you should have a basic idea of what you are writing about. Always begin your writing process with an outline.

An outline helps to keep your writing organized. This allows you to slip into the state of writing flow.

Here is a quick outline that I created when I was writing this post:

Never start with a blank page:

  • Starting without a plan makes it harder to begin writing.
  • The importance of an outline.
  • An Example of an outline.

Always write your first drafts quickly:

  • Your inner critic kills your creativity.
  • Never edit your content while you’re writing.
  • Write as fast as you can to capture your rawest thoughts.

Edit Your Writing After:

  • Edit after you have finish writing.
  • Take some time to go through and move around sentences.
  • The importance of going through your content again.
  • Try to edit more than once.

Having this plan when I begin to write stops my mind from going blank when I sit down to create content.

Always Write Your First Draft As Quickly As You Can

Inside every writer is an inner critic. You know, that little voice inside you that keeps judging your writing. When you listen to this inner critic your speed when writing slows down.

Trying to write and edit at the same time takes away from the message. Writing and editing stops you from capturing your thoughts in their rawest form.

When writing your first draft you should keep writing and ignoring your inner critic. Ignore it until you have reached the last word.

For me, once I have my outline I type as fast as I can to capture my thoughts in the moment. As I am writing I try not to think to much about the words and just keep writing and capturing my thoughts.

Once you begin writing you should never stop until you have reached the end. Remember that you can always come back and make it better.

Only Edit Your Content After You Have Finished Writing

This is where a lot of writers fall short. They don’t take the time to make their writing flow. At this stage you are allowed to spend the most time because this is where you make your talent as a writer shine.

Don’t be lazy. Its easy to write it the work starts when you edit it. Even writers who have been writing for years will tell you about the importance of the time to edit your content.

You can edit yourself and when you are comfortable get someone to give you honest feedback on your writing.

Remember to take your time and go through your content. Look for spelling errors, punctuation errors and the things that don’t make sense. After editing your writing still may not be perfect, but at least it’s way better than your first draft.

In Conclusion

If writing is the way that you make your living you will have to create a system that makes it easier for you. Speed is important as a writer because the faster you are the more money you make.

Begin with an outline that will help you to speed to your first draft. Never stop writing your first draft until you reach the end. Once you have finished that first draft ensure that you take the time to make your writing shine.

Follow these simple steps and your career as a writer can go a long way.