Become Unstoppable By Building Your Brain, Body and Business

If you want to become a better entrepreneur and build a successful business that survives and thrives, you will have to harness the power of your brain and your body.

In the world today we have most of the tools to build a successful business, but we forget the two most important tools that we already possess.

These two tools are the brain and the body. If you take care of your brain and your body they will reward you with all the wealth in your business and happiness in life.

Building your brain and body will enable you to keep up with the changes that happen daily in the world of business.

Building Your Brain

Your brain is the most powerful tool that you own on this planet. Most of inventions that we use in our lives daily came from an idea in someones mind. Your brain also controls the most vital functions in your body.

Building your brain is simply staying away from the things that destroy it and doing things will enhance it. Spending more time reading and filling it with knowledge will better you and help you to add more value to the world.

If you want to be the best in your industry, you should be learning new information about that industry everyday. Surround yourself by positive people in that industry to build you up and give you the knowledge that you need to keep growing.

Create the habit of reading for at least 30 minutes everyday day. You could read for longer if you like, but 30 minutes should be the minimum. Ensure that whatever you choose to read is something that it will make you smarter. There is no sense in reading gossip or news pages that will fill your mind with unnecessary clutter.

Keep doing this and you will stay up to date with new innovations and opportunities in your industry. Reading will also grow your knowledge base and give you more resources that you can use to grow your business.

Cut out television from your life. Watching too much television will hurt your productivity as an entrepreneur. It makes no sense watching things that will leave you feeling depressed and filled with nonsense. Everyday you must be inspired to keep pushing forward.

Instead use this time to read and learn something that will make you into a better person. Use this time to write down more business ideas or ways that you can improve your business right now.

Learn to use your time to do things that will build you up in the long term and improve the quality of your life.

Building Your Body

If you are out of shape then your mind and your business will be disorganized as well. Being out of shape does more harm then good for you and your business.

The way that you are in life is the way that you will be in business. If you read about the top CEO’s you will see that most of their schedules include a time to go to the gym. They know the importance of being in shape.

Start going to the gym and eating healthier. Eating healthier and working out gives you lots of benefits. When you fill your body with good food your brain is able to operate at its highest level. Eat more fruits, vegetables and lean meat.

When you are consistently working out you give your body more energy to work harder on your business. Eating junk makes you more irritable and it becomes harder for you to focus.

A good app that I have been using to help me keep on track with my work outs is an app called It works like an accountability app and it is really good.

Remember when you fill your mind and body with garbage you will continue to produce garbage. Fill your mind with knowledge and your body with good food and you will get massive results.

Building Your Mind And Body Builds Your Business

When you have your brain and body working in harmony you will be in a better place resourcefully to handle the challenges that will come up in your business.

While your competition is sitting and watching TV you are constantly building your brain, body and business. Having your brain and body running smoothly you will give you a slight edge over your competitors.

You will be able to think faster and spend more time focusing on the things that you need to get done rather than wasting time on things like television and junk food.

Cut out all distractions when working on your business. Start setting work hours and having an organize list of things to get done for that day.


Taking care of your brain and body are the most important things that you can do for yourself. Its easy to take in junk mentally and physically, but the results from these actions are evident. Continue doing these things and it will lead to mediocre results.Taking care of your brain and body will help you to continue building your business at a rapid pace.

I am far from being perfect, but I know with the help of God if I continue to work hard and take care of myself that I will live a better life.

Work hard and build yourself up. The more you do this the more unstoppable you become in business and in life.

How To Become A Content Creation Machine

The ability to consistently create content is a special ability.

Most writers would love to write more, but struggle with process.

You probably know the feeling. You have a blog post you need to write, but it just isn’t happening.

Luckily I’ve never had a hard time with writing. The first reason is because I love it.

Something that I’ve noticed is when I try to be perfect I lock my creative flow. The more relaxed I am when I’m writing the easier it is to be creative.

Imagine being able to write on command. Imagine creating content like a machine. As a freelance writer this means more money for you. If this something that you want then let me show you how I do it.

Never Start With a Blank Page

The hardest way to write is without an outline, especially if you are just starting out. Sitting in your chair with an idea and a blinking cursor can cause your mind to blank out. There are writers who can begin with just an idea, but most of them have been writing for years.

To begin writing you need the basics. The basics for writing is starting with an outline. Before you begin writing you should have a basic idea of what you are writing about. Always begin your writing process with an outline.

An outline helps to keep your writing organized. This allows you to slip into the state of writing flow.

Here is a quick outline that I created when I was writing this post:

Never start with a blank page:

  • Starting without a plan makes it harder to begin writing.
  • The importance of an outline.
  • An Example of an outline.

Always write your first drafts quickly:

  • Your inner critic kills your creativity.
  • Never edit your content while you’re writing.
  • Write as fast as you can to capture your rawest thoughts.

Edit Your Writing After:

  • Edit after you have finish writing.
  • Take some time to go through and move around sentences.
  • The importance of going through your content again.
  • Try to edit more than once.

Having this plan when I begin to write stops my mind from going blank when I sit down to create content.

Always Write Your First Draft As Quickly As You Can

Inside every writer is an inner critic. You know, that little voice inside you that keeps judging your writing. When you listen to this inner critic your speed when writing slows down.

Trying to write and edit at the same time takes away from the message. Writing and editing stops you from capturing your thoughts in their rawest form.

When writing your first draft you should keep writing and ignoring your inner critic. Ignore it until you have reached the last word.

For me, once I have my outline I type as fast as I can to capture my thoughts in the moment. As I am writing I try not to think to much about the words and just keep writing and capturing my thoughts.

Once you begin writing you should never stop until you have reached the end. Remember that you can always come back and make it better.

Only Edit Your Content After You Have Finished Writing

This is where a lot of writers fall short. They don’t take the time to make their writing flow. At this stage you are allowed to spend the most time because this is where you make your talent as a writer shine.

Don’t be lazy. Its easy to write it the work starts when you edit it. Even writers who have been writing for years will tell you about the importance of the time to edit your content.

You can edit yourself and when you are comfortable get someone to give you honest feedback on your writing.

Remember to take your time and go through your content. Look for spelling errors, punctuation errors and the things that don’t make sense. After editing your writing still may not be perfect, but at least it’s way better than your first draft.

In Conclusion

If writing is the way that you make your living you will have to create a system that makes it easier for you. Speed is important as a writer because the faster you are the more money you make.

Begin with an outline that will help you to speed to your first draft. Never stop writing your first draft until you reach the end. Once you have finished that first draft ensure that you take the time to make your writing shine.

Follow these simple steps and your career as a writer can go a long way.

3 Tips To Living The Life Of Your Dreams


We all have dreams. A deep desire for a better life. A vision of what is possible.

It’s easy to have a dream, but how hard will you work to make that dream a reality?

Do you know that most people will never accomplish their dreams?

Not because they lack potential or resources, but because they don’t possess the drive and determination to chase it relentlessly.

Talking about your dream is easy, the hard part is making it happen. Will you make your dreams come true or will you remain a dreamer?

Making it a reality consists of finding your purpose, creating your plan and taking action.

Find Your Purpose

A purpose gives you focus. A reason to get out of bed at 5am. It motivates you to keep pushing when you don’t want to. It’s the driving force that makes you unstoppable.

Figure out what you want and why you want it. Find a reason that’s deeper than you, a reason that forces you to push harder day after day.

When my focus starts to slip I think about my mother, my father, my wife and my family. I think about how I want to impact this world positively. I think about the people that I help with my work.

A purpose bigger than me is what keeps me driven. I view my purpose as an obligation, as my duty to my family.

Find out what drives you, let it pull you from your core. Let it give you the fire and hunger to keep pushing. It’s this focus and inner drive you need to crush any goal and demolish every obstacle that stands between you and what you want.

Create Your Plan

Having a purpose drives, but a purpose without a plan leads to frustration. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know when you’ve arrived. Creating a plan gives your purpose direction.

What do you want? What does success look like? Can you feel it right now? Maybe it’s the new leather of your dream car. The house that you’ve always dreamed about. What is it?

Create the vision in your head. Now what is required of you to make this vision a reality? Think about it for a moment. Get a paper and write it down.

What type of income is needed? What resources are required?

Small steps makes it easier to get started and getting started is the hardest part. Find out what you want and then break it down into step.

Take Action

No dream becomes a reality in your mind. You’ve got to get started. Start today because tomorrow is too late. Take action and dominate!

Wake up everyday driven and anxious to get started. If an excuse comes up, push it to the side and keep working. Everyday chase your dream relentlessly. Do every single thing in your power to get it.

Go after it with everything inside you. Be a hungry lion that won’t and can’t be stopped! Let no obstacle stand in your way.

People will tell you why you can’t, but that’s when you block them out. When they tell you to slow down, work harder. Remember why you’re doing this. Let NOTHING stop you!

In Conclusion

Life’s a journey and we’re all here for a short time. God gives us all a purpose and it makes no sense waking up and not living to your fullest potential. It makes no sense to waste your life.

You have one chance to leave your mark in this world. You have one chance to make this world a better place.

Leave your legacy.

Find a why that pushes you daily. Create a plan that gives you direction. Go out every single day with everything within you and achieve it!

Keep working. Keep hustling.

Flat Abs For Life Belly Fat Furnace Review

What Is The Belly Fat Furnace About?

The Belly Fat Furnace is a thoroughly researched fat burning program. The program was created by John Shein. It is an easy to download eBook with detailed information about how you could get rid of stubborn belly fat.

The program goes into great detail explaining the different foods and habits that make it difficult to lose belly fat. It also shows you the many different ways that you can go about correcting this and making it easier for you to get rid of belly fat.

What Is In This Program?

The Belly Fat Furnace begins by breaking down into finer details the causes belly fat and why you may not have been able to get rid of it despite your efforts.

In the program I learned about two types of easy to do exercises that are highly effective at stimulating the natural burning of belly fat. The exercises lasted for about 20 minutes which meant that I did not have to go through those 3 hour long cardio sessions.

It is structured in an easy to follow step by step manner. Click the image below to download your copy:


My Results

before-aft1Being the guinea pig that I am I decided to put the program to the test. The first thing that I noticed about the program is that is was really easy to follow and quick to get started. There was no fancy equipment that I had to get and there was nothing extreme that I had to do.

I learned a lot about the holes that I had in my nutrition that were causing me to have more bloated look rather than a flat stomach. Following the program and staying consistent with the information that was in it I was able to lose my belly fat and get a flatter stomach.

 Pros Of The Product

  • The Program is very simple and very easy to understand.
  • It uses a researched nutrition-based approach to weight loss
  • You don’t have any crazy diet or exercise program that you have to follow.
  • Is instantly available after you purchase so you do not have to wait for anything to ship to you.

Cons Of The Product

  • You will have to be willing to make the investment of time and effort if you really want this program to work.
  • There will be some changes that you have to make, but its for your own good.

Click Here To Find Out More


The Belly Fat Furnace does deliver on the things that it says that it will deliver on and it is a good product overall. I like the things that I have discovered through the program and I learned a lot about the things that I have been eating and the way that they have been affecting me.

If you are looking for a product that will help you lose belly fat then I think the Belly Fat Furnace is the product for you but only if you are willing to put in the work.

Go to the official website here check out the Belly Fat Furnace and I hope that I have been able to shed some light on this program for you.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Review Sample

What Is This Product About?

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a 12 week program created by John Barban along with the help of Kyle Leon. The program provides you with a scientifically customized workout to help you to obtain a healthier and more naturally attractive body.

John Barban has spent 10 years as a consultant for various companies in the sports supplements industry. He also teaches Human Performance at Florida University. John definitely knows what he is talking about.

The program is fully adaptable and can be used by anyone no matter your age or your current workout plan. The reason for this is that the program uses your current body types and helps you to create a customized plan to achieve your ideal body type.

What Is The Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio is about achieving the perfect shoulder to waist ration. When a person is able to achieve their golden ratio (which is more about proportion then bulking) they are able to command higher attraction from the opposite sex. When your body has this perfect shoulder to waist ratio it becomes easier for your body to shred fat, build more muscle and perform at a higher level.

The focus of the program is to show you how to quickly shape your body into this ‘golden ratio’ and how to maintain it. The takes into account the different body types and allows you to tailor the program to fit your specific needs.

Watch the video below to find out more:

adonis video


Beginning this program I was not quite happy with the body that I saw in the mirror. The main thing that I learned from this program which was a huge relief for me is that the way my body was built was not something that was genetic and that I could change it.

backKnowing this was a huge relief for me. Going through the program I learned that there were exercises that I needed to cut back on and the ones that I should be doing. I did my best to stick to the program and began seeing some good results.

Another thing about the program is that is uses specific ratio measurements and it is less about scale weight so I was not really focused about losing scale weight. The good thing that I saw happening was that I was able to get closer to the ideal or ‘golden’ ratio for my body. Also I was able to see a noticeable difference in my body in the mirror and my wife did too. I felt great when I saw the results and became a believer of the program.


  • The program is newbie friendly which means that you can jump right in and get started immediately.
  • The program is instantly accessible which means that you do not have to pay a shipping fee or wait for it to arrive.
  • The program comes with 78 comprehensive videos complete with a nutrition and a supplement guide that are all designed to help you get closer to your goal.
  • The program is customizable to fit you and your personal needs.


  • Inside of the program is a large so you might get a bit lost when you are just starting out, but the good thing is that there is a forum so you can ask questions and get going.
  • The program is not suitable for people who might be athletes and training for an athletic event as it is more for building your physique.
  • You will have to put in the time to see the results that you want from using this program.

Click here to Get this Unique Body Sculpting Program

Overall I am happy with The Adonis Golden Ratio system. It has helped me to change my body’s appearance and build a more attractive physique. This increased my confidence and the overall quality of my life.

If you are looking for a straight forward program that you can follow that gives you all the tools you need to build an almost perfect physique than this just might be the program that you are looking for.

Go ahead and check out the Adonis Golden Ratio.

3 Ways To Increase Your Self Confidence

Taking action is key when it comes to achieving your dreams. An idea is just an idea if you do not take action.

What holds a lot of people back is fear. Fear is the killer of success. It is the thing that kills dreams and stops many people from accomplishing more in their lives.

The only way to get more done and become successful is to develop confidence in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, you’ll never achieve your goals in life.

Understand that you will have to step outside of your comfort zone, stand taller and correct your mindset if you want to develop the confidence that you need to make your dreams become a reality.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy being comfortable, never pushing your limits. It’s too painful to do things that are uncomfortable. My question is would you rather live with regret because fear held you back from accomplishing more?

Understand right now that if you are to be successful you will be required to do things that are uncomfortable to you.

Growth happens when you push boundaries and blast through your comfort zone. Stepping outside your comfort zone shows you your full potential. Understand that failing does not mean failure, it simply means that the way you tried does not work and that you should try a different way.

Striving to push your comfort zone will boost your confidence. It shows you that the things you are afraid of doing aren’t as bad as you think they are. Pushing your comfort zone is important, but the way that you carry yourself and project yourself to the world is also very important.

Correct Your Body Language

The way you carry yourself says a lot about you. Walking around with poor posture and being afraid to take up space shows you don’t believe in yourself.

Your posture affects your mood. A confident person stands tall and moves through the world around them with ease and grace. It almost seems as if nothing is too hard for them to get done. Also upgrading your wardrobe and taking some time to groom yourself can increase your confidence significantly.

Confident people stand tall with their feet slightly apart. They hold eye contact when they are talking to someone and they speak loudly. Confident people walk with a purpose as if they are on a mission.

Although pushing your limits and correcting your posture is important you can go nowhere if you do not feel your confidence internally. Its easy to be negative, but this is something that can be easily corrected by fixing the way that you feel on the inside with positive self talk.

Practicing Positive Self Talk

The voice inside you can do a lot to build you or destroy you. What you tell yourself will become the reality of your life. Speak positive things to yourself and watch your life become what you speak, speak negative and the same will happen

To correct your self talk create a list of positive affirmations and repeat them first thing in the morning and last thing in the night. Doing this helps you to begin each day positively and end each day positively.


Its easy to live a defeated life and never get the things that you want. Everyone has potential to do great things, but lack the confidence to do so. By stepping out of your comfort zone, correcting your body posture and boosting yourself with positive self talk you put yourself on the path to growing your confidence overtime.

Step outside your comfort zone walk more confidently and continue to speak well to yourself and you will reap the benefits. Practice these techniques daily and you will begin to see your life and your confidence transformed.