3 Tips To Living The Life Of Your Dreams


We all have dreams. A deep desire for a better life. A vision of what is possible.

It’s easy to have a dream, but how hard will you work to make that dream a reality?

Do you know that most people will never accomplish their dreams?

Not because they lack potential or resources, but because they don’t possess the drive and determination to chase it relentlessly.

Talking about your dream is easy, the hard part is making it happen. Will you make your dreams come true or will you remain a dreamer?

Making it a reality consists of finding your purpose, creating your plan and taking action.

Find Your Purpose

A purpose gives you focus. A reason to get out of bed at 5am. It motivates you to keep pushing when you don’t want to. It’s the driving force that makes you unstoppable.

Figure out what you want and why you want it. Find a reason that’s deeper than you, a reason that forces you to push harder day after day.

When my focus starts to slip I think about my mother, my father, my wife and my family. I think about how I want to impact this world positively. I think about the people that I help with my work.

A purpose bigger than me is what keeps me driven. I view my purpose as an obligation, as my duty to my family.

Find out what drives you, let it pull you from your core. Let it give you the fire and hunger to keep pushing. It’s this focus and inner drive you need to crush any goal and demolish every obstacle that stands between you and what you want.

Create Your Plan

Having a purpose drives, but a purpose without a plan leads to frustration. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know when you’ve arrived. Creating a plan gives your purpose direction.

What do you want? What does success look like? Can you feel it right now? Maybe it’s the new leather of your dream car. The house that you’ve always dreamed about. What is it?

Create the vision in your head. Now what is required of you to make this vision a reality? Think about it for a moment. Get a paper and write it down.

What type of income is needed? What resources are required?

Small steps makes it easier to get started and getting started is the hardest part. Find out what you want and then break it down into step.

Take Action

No dream becomes a reality in your mind. You’ve got to get started. Start today because tomorrow is too late. Take action and dominate!

Wake up everyday driven and anxious to get started. If an excuse comes up, push it to the side and keep working. Everyday chase your dream relentlessly. Do every single thing in your power to get it.

Go after it with everything inside you. Be a hungry lion that won’t and can’t be stopped! Let no obstacle stand in your way.

People will tell you why you can’t, but that’s when you block them out. When they tell you to slow down, work harder. Remember why you’re doing this. Let NOTHING stop you!

In Conclusion

Life’s a journey and we’re all here for a short time. God gives us all a purpose and it makes no sense waking up and not living to your fullest potential. It makes no sense to waste your life.

You have one chance to leave your mark in this world. You have one chance to make this world a better place.

Leave your legacy.

Find a why that pushes you daily. Create a plan that gives you direction. Go out every single day with everything within you and achieve it!

Keep working. Keep hustling.